pondělí 13. dubna 2015

Eos Products

Hi lovers,
today I wanna show you my comsetics products from eos.

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pátek 10. dubna 2015

Unboxing Yankee Candle


Today I recieved a packet from Yankee candle. As you know I love this candles. I think their flavour and fragrance are really wonderful.
 It came in this package ...
Everything was carefully packed....
And here it is!
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Today's outfit

Hi readers,

I wanna to show you my today's outfit. It was very simple because I overslept so I hadn't enough time to toke somtehing better...
It's my favourite sweatshirt with floral pattern. Sleeves are made of translucent material.
And I've a black leggings with pattern which you can't see I guess.

Sorry for the mess in the backround.

So that's it :)

As you can see I've Iphone6 black&gold. Review on this phone is comming soon! 

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středa 8. dubna 2015

Hair care- Biosilk

Hi lovers!
Recently I discovered this amazing product for hair. It comes from brand BIOSILK. It's a special oil for hair. It helps with regeneration and makes your hair soft and brightly. I've quite dry hair and helps me with that. I can really recommend it! I bought it in Douglas or it's possible buy it via internet. 

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úterý 7. dubna 2015

HauL - accessories

Hi guys!

Yesterday I was in our little Mall called City Park and I decided spent my last mone for accessories ♥ . I'm not very dependent on the wearing of jewelery but I'm a girl so I must own some haha .
All of them come from shop called House. It's in Czech republic pretty favourite and it's one of those quality shops =) .

So let's have look to my catches.

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čtvrtek 2. dubna 2015

Aussie products

Today  it's my pleasure to introduce these products from Aussie. I think that most of you know them.
Aussie is na Australian brand which is engaged in production od hair products.

"There's more to live than hair but it's a good place to start " it's the Aussie philosophy

Aussie may offer a lot of hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, masks, conditioning sprays, dry shampoos ...
You can use products which are made exactly for your type of  hair.  (Greasy, dry, thick, thin hair. )

These products have a very specific smell, which is absolutely gorgeous.

And now I will show you what products I have chosen.

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