úterý 7. dubna 2015

HauL - accessories

Hi guys!

Yesterday I was in our little Mall called City Park and I decided spent my last mone for accessories ♥ . I'm not very dependent on the wearing of jewelery but I'm a girl so I must own some haha .
All of them come from shop called House. It's in Czech republic pretty favourite and it's one of those quality shops =) .

So let's have look to my catches.

 Firstly we have these beautiful earrings. They are colored from dark blue to light blue and in the middle is emerald blue. I love it! <3
They remind me of some small slips of flowers. 

 What can I say more than that, these bracelets are really really cute.
These combination of pearls and gold beads are really favourite and common =)

These leather straps twisted into braids look very great. I think it something like country style formed to trendy colours and completed gold details. Lovely!

These earings are nice. They're simply stylish! Stars, hearts, keys...
The same cute stuff, matching pink and gold :) .

What do u think about this haul? :) Write a comment 

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