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Yankee waxes

Hello :) 

Today I would like to show you 4  waxes (yankeecandle) which I bought a few days ago. 

I really love yankee products for several reasons:

  • unusual aroma
  • quality design
  • different sizes
  • candles, waxes, sprays and fragrance to cars

Midsummer's Night

This flavour is pretty special. I've never seen black wax ( yes...maybe I'm not so informated about waxes :D ) . This wax has very pleasant and light flavour. It's little bit as a fresh toilet cleaner.

Garden Sweet Pea

This wax reminds me a flowering garden with rays of the sun. I pretend peaceful garden in the suburb of Cambridge ( I was there a few months and there were pretty nice gardens) . 

Lemon Lavender

I fell in love with this flavor. It's really nice and fresh. During a few minutes I had room full of this special flavor! I can really recommend it!

Strawberry Butercream

This is really sweet flavor. It's not fresh but strongly sweet. It reminds me of candy store :) . I like this flavor, it always help me improve my mood :) .

I've a few candles as well I think 8 candles . And I wanna show them in another post =) . I like waxes really much because they're really aromatic and no too expensive as candles. So I think it's good opportinity to spent not too much money and try a lovely magic of yankee candles!

These Candles are the best that I've tried and they became my favourites ♥ 

If you want to know more click this PAGE about yankeecandle.

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